All the halls & rooms except the Waterfront come standard with projector, screen and microphones at no additional Charge. There is ample street level parking and security guards are always on the premises.

The Grand Banquet Hall

The GBH is your ideal choice for a wide range events, art exhibitions, corporate functions, banquet dinners, fashion shows to special events. Welcome your clients and guests to the multifunctional hall that will leave them with an unforgettable experience.


  • State of the art chandeliers and led lights.
  • Banquet table seating of up to 600 guests.
  • Classroom seating of 550 guest
  • Conference seating of 800 guest.
  • Cocktail setting that can accommodate 1000 guests.
  • In built stage
  • In-built sound system

The Panoramic View Hall

The spectacular and commanding view from this glass walled breath taking sight of the surrounding waterfront. As the name implies, the view dazzle guest throughout their event, offering the panoramic view of the waterfront and the boat club.


  • Banquet table seating of up to 130 guests.
  • Classroom seating of 120 guest
  • Conference seating of 200 guest.
  • Cocktail setting that can accommodate 200 guests.
  • In-built sound system

The Waterfront

Our scenic waterfront, that’s literally suspended above the water, is an exquisite choice for your al-fresco Receptions, Private Parties or a Formal Dinner with ambience and charm. If you desire an outdoor setting for you event with a water front landscape, then our waterfront outdoor hall is the perfect choice for you.


  • Banquet table seating of up to 200 guests.
  • Classroom  seating of 150 guests
  • Conference seating of 250 guests.
  • Cocktail setting that can accommodate 250 guests.

Meeting Room 1

This Meeting hall is recommended for mid-size Presentations, Trainings Seminars or Meetings.


  • Banquet table seating of up to 70 guests.
  • Classroom  seating of 60 guests
  • Conference seating of 80 guests.
  • In-built sound system

Meeting Room 2

The Meeting hall is the perfect venue to deliver highly focused presentations to smaller, select audiences, yet offering the same state of the art technological wizardry available in our larger venues.


  • Banquet table seating of up to 40 guests.
  • Classroom  seating of 40 guests
  • Conference seating of 60 guests.
  • In-built sound system